Rumesh Bandara


Rumesh started his passion for web design whilst attending high school in London. Since then he has been involved with many web designing projects and along the way he started WEBARROW.

Rumesh graduated with a Business Information Technology BSc degree from London South Bank University in 2008. He is the main User Interfaces(UI) / User Experience(UX) designer for WEBARROW and has a vast amount of experience working with all Adobe Applications and designing tools.

Harsha Suri


Harsha has worked in the Financial Services Industry for almost 10 years, in both the corporate and independent sectors. His experience in the Accountancy and the Finance sectors have enabled him to flourish in key areas to drive sales, marketing, and financial aspects of WEBARROW.

Since joining the company in 2010, Harsha has driven the growth of the business as well as managing the sales process in gaining new clients. He is a pivotal part of the company ensuring the company maintains its high creative practices along with our team. Harsha holds a BA in Accounting & Finance, and a Master’s in Finance and Accountancy from the University of Brunel, West London.