We have developed several mobile websites that are primarily targeted at mobile users. Tailored mobile websites are essential for customers with businesses on the go. Also, we design mobile websites that are almost like mobile apps. This is a very cost-effective way for businesses who cannot afford mobile apps but wants to create the same user experience.

There are numerous advantages of having a mobile website over a mobile app.

  • The same user experience can be obtained by a mobile website.
  • The cost is significantly lower than a mobile app
    Mobile websites will work on all smartphones including Apple/Samsung/Microsoft etc.
  • Mobile websites are independent of app markets. Therefore, you will not have to pay any commission or any additional charges to any third-party provider.
  • There are no annual app fees which you would normally pay with a mobile app.
Which Is the Better Option?

Whether to build a mobile app or a mobile website, the right decision merely depends on your business goals. If your objective is to offer mobile-friendly content to a wide range of people, then a mobile website is probably the way to go.

However, if you want to better connect, interact with, and communicate with your customers to drive customer trustworthiness, a mobile app is an excellent choice. In many cases, you may decide you need both a mobile website and a mobile app. If done correctly, both can be a strategic and treasured choice.


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